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Turku is Finland's first capital and the first parish. Finland's first university was also built here. Turku is a city with Medieval marks since it shares four things in common with other medieval European cities: a river for transport, a cathedral demonstrating religious rights, a castle representing worldly power, and a market for trading.


Aura River - Turku Castle- Turku Cathedral:

Aura River is the soul of Turku, as Turku has grew up along Aura since the 13th century. If you walk for 1-2 hours along Aura River, departing from Turku Castle and arriving at Turku Church, you can explore the history and modernity of Turku. 

Recommended must see

Everything in the city, no matter modern or classical, cannot represent the beauty of Turku. Quiet natural environment is the main charm of Turku. Hiking in the woods in spring, fishing by the sea in summer, picking wild berries and mushrooms in autumn, and skiing in the winter are how the locals live.

When the weather is friendly, be sure to go to the Turku archipelago! The archipelago is very attractive. Ruissalo, Naantali, Pargas, Nagu are all locals' favorite places to play. Most of the islands are very quiet, but summer Naantali can be very noisy. You can also drive south to Pargas and Nagu directions. When you approach Sattmark, stop by and have afternoon tea in the chalet restaurant. You can also go camping in Ruissalo and pick berries and mushrooms in the forests, if it is the right season.

Turku locates at the south-west of Finland. Be sure to be prepared for enough clothes even in summer. The best season in Turku is summer but the most beautiful season is autumn.

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